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Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection


RSNAP is a not-for-profit organisation, established in January 2013 with the purpose of generating compassionate and conscientious conduct towards nature and animals and to provide the necessary services aimed to improve the local community’s relation with its surrounding environment. 





  • To raise awareness about our fragile environment, to advocate the sustainable management of our resources and encourage changes in individual behavior that will create a more responsible community.  

  • Promoting compassion, responsibility and knowledge, to teach about animals and their importance in our lives and in our environment.

  • Providing comprehensive professional veterinary services for the community and especially we’ll take care of the stray animals in the city. Controlling stray animals by spaying and neutering will create healthier and safer neighbourhoods.

  • Address the issue of carriage horses, camels and their health. This will also have an economical impact especially in the tourism sector, due to better health condition of working animals.

  • Opening a facility that offers permanent services for animals in need. It will develop as a Veterinary Clinic, a shelter and a kennel.

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